The Tomb Raider game is one of the best and most popular branded games in existence with a huge number of fans all over the world. The reasons for the games success include the great branded theme which fans of the famous computer game and movie will love. The other reasons for the popularity of the Tomb Raider game include the quality visual and sound affects which create a fantastic playing environment which is in keeping the theme. The final reason includes the great style of game play which is perfect for players wanting the chance to activate numerous bonuses and win lots of money. The Tomb Raider game is available from the online platform recommended in this website guide which is a fantastic location for players to spin the reels. The casino is one of the best fruit machine operators giving players the chance to spin the reels from the comfort of their own homes at any time of the day or night. The Tomb Raider game can be enjoyed in a safe and secure environment at this operator as they are fully licensed and approved by the appropriate governing agencies. The operator also has a customer support department who are always on hand to deal with player requests and queries.

The most important feature of the Tomb Raider games performance is the game play which is designed to appeal to players who want a medium sized format and several great bonuses. The format of the game is a five reel and fifteen win line set up which is ideal for players wanting a moderate amount of choice and flexibility over their win line selection. The first factor a player must decide upon is how many of the win lines to have active when they spin the reels. The more win lines that the player selects in the Tomb Raider game means the more chance they have of winning and the cost of the spin also increases. The lower that the player makes their selection of win lines in the Tomb Raider game means their chances of winning decrease as does the cost of the spin. The main aim for players when they spin the reels of the Tomb Raider slot is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across an active win line. The more symbols that are aligned from the left to the right means the amount paid out to the player increases.

The different symbols in the Tomb Raider game all result in differing amounts being awarded to the player and these amounts are all displayed in the pay table. The pay table is an excellent tool that all the best fruit machine titles possess as it allows players the chance to identify which symbols are the best to focus on aligning. The Tomb Raider game has three different bonuses available which all provide an excellent chance for players to increase their prize fund. The first of the bonuses is the scatter bonus which is represented by the lara holding guns symbol which the player needs to spin three of onto the screen at once. The scatter bonus when triggered in the Tomb Raider game rewards the player with ten win spins which pay out on a fantastic multiplier of three. The next bonus available to players in the Tomb Raider game is the substitute bonus which is represented by the logo symbol. The logo symbol has the power to change places with any other symbol on the board in order to form a winning line combination. The substitute bonus is a great feature that dramatically increases players winning chances.

The Hitman game also features a substitute bonus which is represented by the logo symbol. The logo symbol whenever involved in forming a winning line combination in the Hitman game automatically doubles the amount paid to the player. The next important bonus in the Tomb Raider game is the tomb bonus which is an excellent bonus that’s highly exciting. The tomb bonus is activated in the game by the player managing to spin in three, four or five idol symbols across one of the active win lines. The tomb bonus in the Tomb Raider game loads into a new screen showing players a number of different passages they must choose from to reveal a prize. The combination of the different bonuses in the Tomb Raider game combines to create an excellent game which gives players the chance to make excellent winnings. The next important feature of the Tomb Raider game is the theme which is based on the very famous action movie and computer game starring Lara Croft. Lara Croft is an English aristocrat who travels the globe searching for buried and lost treasure and possesses a fantastic array of fighting skills. Lara Croft is a fantastic treasure hunter who seeks excitement wherever she travels in the world.

The next important feature of the Tomb Raider game is the sound and visual effects that are used to present this theme to players. The visual effects are fantastic and include the slots background being the inside of a tomb which looks fantastic and enhances the games theme. The symbols include different cartoon animated characters taken from the famous computer game and movie and the title text is taken directly from the hit movie. These visual components in the Tomb Raider game combine perfectly to enhance the games theme and create a highly attractive and enjoyable game. The sound effects are one of the best features of the Tomb Raider games performance as they are taken directly from the film and enhance the theme greatly. The Joker 8000 fruit machine offers players a much simpler set of effects which allows them to fully focus on the game play and winning money. In conclusion the Tomb Raider game offers players the chance to enjoy a game with great playability as it has several good bonuses to activate. The theme is excellent as it’s based on a very popular computer game and action movie and is presented with a great style of effects.