The Joker 8000 fruit machine was the first game with a pub style that was found in land based pubs all over Europe. The game was hugely popular for a number of reasons include the game play which offers players several different interactive features. The other reasons include the fun theme which focuses on a pack of playing cards. The final reason for the levels of popularity enjoyed by the Joker 8000 slot includes the simple and basic visual and sound effects which manage to create a pleasant playing environment. The inception of the internet meant that the Joker 8000 slot was moved to an online platform meaning players could spin the reels from the comfort of their own homes at any time of the day or night. The Joker 8000 game can be enjoyed at the fantastic online operator recommended in this website guide who provides players with a safe and secure environment to spin the reels. The casino also benefits for a top quality customer service team who are able to assist players at any time of the day or night. The customer service agents are fluent in a multitude of languages which is very advantageous for players from a variety of backgrounds.

The game play that the Joker 8000 game offers players is excellent as it includes two different game sections and several interactive features. The two sections of the slot both have three reels and five win lines which allow players a good amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The objective in the first section of the Joker 8000 slot is to win points to take forward to the super game section which is where the section cash prizes can be won. The first decision a player must make when they play the Joker 8000 game is how many of the five win lines to have active when they spin the reels. The more win lines that the player selects mean their winning chances increase along with the cost of the spin. The lower the player makes there win line selection means the less chance they of winning and the spin becomes cheaper. The main aim for a player when they spin the reels is the first section of the game is to reach the super game section by winning a minimum of twenty points. The player can win points by aligning three of the same symbols across one of the active win lines in the first section of the Joker 8000 game.

The different symbols in the Joker 8000 game all result in a different amount of points being awarded to the player and these points can be seen along the top of the games screen. The player does not have the use of nudges or holds which are available in some of the most popular fruit machine games. The nudges and the holds allow players to use their own judgments to manipulate the reels to their advantage. The Joker 8000 game offers players the use of a gamble feature which gives them the chance to make aggressive increases to their prize fund. The gamble feature is an optional bonus offered at the end of a winning spin of the reels and if accepted presents players with a fifty / fifty bet where they can either double or lose their prize fund. The gamble bonus can be repeated if guessed correctly giving players the chance to make excellent increases to their prize fund. Once the player has achieved twenty points they can select to play the super game section in the Joker 8000 game which is where the cash prizes are awarded. The player must select between having one and five win lines active when they spin the reels of the super game.

The cash prizes are awarded in the super game section of the Joker 8000 game by lining up three matching symbols across an active win line. The super game section also offers the use of the gamble bonus giving players the chance to make aggressive increases to their cash prize fund. There are many different tactical decisions players are involved with when they play Joker 8000 and these contribute to the games status as one of the best fruit machine games available. The next important feature of the Joker 8000 games performance is the theme which is a lot of fun and very fitting as it is based on playing cards. The playing card theme is fitting for a slot game as it is associated with gambling and luck which are two fun elements. The Hitman game offers a much more interesting and exciting theme which is based on an international assassin. Players will love the chance to step into the role of an assassin as he travels the world conducting hits and missions. The visual and sound effects used to present the Joker 8000 game are very simple and straight forward allowing players to fully focus on the game play and winning money.

The visual components of the Joker 8000 game consist of the background, symbols and the title text all of which are designed in a simple style of animation. The background of the slot perfectly recreates the original land based machine and is black and red playing cards wallpapered all over the screen. The symbols include jokers, crowns and a variety of other traditional objects which are all presented in a crisp style that looks great on player’s screens. The title text of the Joker 8000 game is a presented on a crown that adds to the games regal feel which are effects players will love. The overall combination of these different visual elements combine to great a simple but still very attractive slot game which players will greatly appreciate. The sound effects in the Joker 8000 game are simple electronic tones which are fused together to create a simple and relaxing game which players will love. Players wanting a game with more detailed and colourful effects should play the Tomb Raider slot which has numerous great effects. In conclusion the Joker 8000 game offers players the chance to spin the reels and play an interactive fun game with a simple set of effects.